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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ the defense of human life is above all. we would have had to stay out here until tomorrow if we had to. >> it could have ended differently, tonight, san francisco police are touting new tactics that may have saved a man's life. tonight, san francisco officials are saying they have proof positive that the police department has changed for the better. just in, photos of gun and
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ammunition police took from the man at the center of a four-hour standoff today, that suspect finally subdued using nonlethal force. proof of a reformed embattled sfpd, the mayor and the acting police chief say it's a new day for the pd and the community. >> reporter: they say that because they are crediting the new training that teaches that a human life is paramount and they need to takes as much time as needed to save a person. >> he was threatening to do harm to himself and made statements that he wanted to die and wanted the police to take his life. >> reporter: the police fel-- t suspect was face down, refusing to show his hands to prove that he was not holding the gun.
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this is the picture of the gun. >> we would have stayed here until tomorrow if we had to. >> reporter: the training started with the former police chief. >> the officers have been doing what they have been trained to do. they gave the situation to give us time to get the people to the scene that could deescalate this scene. >> reporter: it was a different scenario than others involving police, most famously the shooting death of mario woods. the family members helped them better understand his situation. before 6:00, they used flash bangs and bean bags to take him in to custody. the handling of the situation today is a reflection of the emphasis that we put on deescalation training, and we are changing how the police officers handle conflicts on the
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city streets. the acting chief chaplin said that the suspect was taken to the hospital for evaluation. terry mcsweeney. >> a south bay limo driver is accused of molesting a child in los gatos, this picture was released of the man. we have more on this investigation. jean? >> police are saying that the suspect in the molestation case knew the victim and the family. the investigation is ongoing and they are looking for more information from the public much. this picture was released of ali shakoury of san jose, he was arrested for molesting a child under the age of ten. the incident was reported at the
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family's home june 25th. the man was arrested four days later in san jose. a man who did not want to talk on camera, said that he has lived on the block for a year with his girlfriend and that police took his computer and cell phone. and he said that he finds the molestation charge against shakoury unbelievable. people that know him say he has driven a limo for years, and they want the picture released so that others can report if they have incidents to report. bail is set at $1 million. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> palo alto police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a 12-year-old girl. happened on louis road. police say the flasher was driving a car that pulled up next to the girl and he exposed himself. when the girl pulled out of the
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cell phone, the suspect drove off. relief in hayward after an hour's long man hunt ends in an arrest. police spotted a person suspected in at least two home burglaries, when the officers tried to pull him over. he rammed the cruiser and sped off. at one point he appeared to deliberately swerve toward pedestrians. the car chase turned in to a foot chase, which during -- during which within entire neighborhood was blocked off. he is now in jail. tonight, dozens of people are still without power after a massive fire ripped through a construction site in emoryville, the fire was reported around 2:30 in the morning. several cars were burned. fire officials are not ruling out illegal fireworks or potentially arson as the cause. nbc bay area is there. we are talking a financial loss there. >> reporter: yes, we are, we are
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quickly approaching the 24 hour mark of this devastating fire as you can see burned out cars still remain. and there's still hot spots inside the burned out building. several people tonight are homeless and will make a tight housing market in this small city even tighter. this wall of flames is the chilling reminder, about how fragile life can be. >> i saw the flames and they were twice taller than the building. it was scary. >> reporter: scary for this couple that is now moving in to the building across the street from the burned out complex. >> we were half way to getting our stuff in and apparently there's no elevators that's great. but at least we did not burn down. >> reporter: this 105 unit complex was destroyed this morning, putting a squeeze on a tight emoryville housing market. >> i keep hearing the stories of displacement and people needing
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to move out from the urban core. and so, part of our infill housing has been to try to alleviate that stress. >> reporter: 1300 units will open up over the next couple of years. this building represented about 8% of that total. >> the inner east bay in general has seen movement from out of san francisco. >> reporter: the five story building is now a shell. five adjacent townhomes damaged. realtors say that properties sell 6% above the list price. finding a place to rent is difficult and expensive. as you can see, this fire is still smoldering, the city officials say that the developer of the complex will rebuild. reporting live in emeryville, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, and by the time police arrived the toyota, suv and house were on fire. look at this, a crash happened
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this afternoon in san francisco seacliff neighborhood. witnesses say the driver came speeding up 32nd avenue and then suddenly slammed in to the side of a mansion there. that car, immediately burst in to flames. >> the construction workers are rushing toward the car on fire, and the guy inside the car, still, so. one of them tries to go near the car, i think it burns his hands and he said nothing to do -- >> the driver, the only person inside the car was killed. officers say he was a hit and run suspect. part of the house also caught fire. two dogs were rescued from inside. no one luckily was home at the time. in baton rouge, peaceful protest in the wake of a deadly shooting involving police and an african-american man. demonstrators carried signs to express anger over the man's death and to demand justice. sterling killed outside of a convenient store where police responded to a call of a man
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threatening with a gun. this appears to show police officers were shooting sterling as he was held to the ground. the owner said that sterling had been carrying a gun for protection, they insist he was not aggressive with police. family and strangers alike are expressing outrage over his death. >> he was killed unjustly and killed without regard for the life that he helped raise. >> everyone who has seen the video think it's dispicable what happened to that young man on this property. >> well, no charges against hilary clinton, that's the announcement today from u.s. attorney general loretta lynch. she said that she accepts the fbi's investigation, that the case be closed. that announcement brings a formal end to the probe that has
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been hanging over clinton's presidential campaign. could it be a trump/gingrich ticket? no announcement today, but they thit campaign trail together. appearing in a rally in cincinnati. donald trump did not get specific. but he said that newt gingrich would play a role in his administration. gingrich is pleased to be on the short list for the republican nominees list of possible running mates. ahead, more trouble for tesla and the self driving car, how they are on the defense after another crash in auto pilot mode. and, i'm ian cole, live in hayward, the controversy over a city crew doing their job, fixing a crooked curb and why scientists are stunned. and good evening, a beautiful view of san francisco tonight, but that fog continues to roll in just above the downtown skyline, we are tracking the foggy morning
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commute and when some unusual july rain can move in to california in just a few minutes.
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new at 11:00, it marks the spot, an educational land mark used by hundreds to study earthquakes, accidentally destroyed lately. we are live in hayward, what happened, ian? >> reporter: well, jessica, we are at rose and prospect in hayward, and the concrete corner in question is right here. it has brought people from around the bay area, not for its current condition, but rather for what used to be here. for many, it was just another crooked sidewalk, for scientists it was a micro scope of the fault at work. >> it gives the observer, how the fault is moving and what rate the fault the moving.
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>> reporter: the fault stretches the length of the east bay. every year they measured this one spot, studying us for 40 years and teachers brought students here to learn about earthquakes, and now all of the measurements are gone. >> i said wow, i was surprised, i had no idea why it was done. >> reporter: it was a faulty mix up. the city started to remove and replace curbs for pedestrian safety and making them wheelchair accessible. including this one. >> if you look at the before photos, it was pretty off-set, we wanted to make sure it was a safe intersection. >> reporter: she said that they might have left it aalone if they knew that the scientists valued it. the now perfect corner hutti i- hitting neighbors like an aftershock. >> it's sad, now we don't know what the measurement.
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>> reporter: there's other places luckily to study the hayward fault line, just not here. >> the fault is already at work trying break it and begin to slide it sideways. it will be back. >> reporter: and scientists say that it may happen sooner than later, it moves four milimeters per year, but the fault is due for a major earthquake. a 70% chance a major quake will happen in the next 30 years. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> we have been warned. thank you. >> well, a new twist tonight. in the prok turner sexual assault case. now former judges are coming to the defense of the judge. coming in the form of an open letter signed by 18 retired santa clara judges. saying that removing the judge would set a dangerous precedent. well, it has happened again, another tesla reported in auto
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pilot mode has crashed. this time, in pennsylvania. however, this crash was not deadly. but it still is not boding well for tesla, as the safety is now being called in to question. >> don't trust it. i have seen, many, many scenarios in my own experience that could have been dangerous, if i had trusted the system too much. >> just last week it was revealed that tesla's auto pilot feature could have led to a deadly crash in florida or have been connect to. the owner thinks his company is being unfairly targeted, in a tweet and retweet he points on out that other auto companies are involved in far more fatal crashes than tesla. crews have hauled away, a truss, and it will be disaassembled in the port of oakland. all right the road to rio is being set up and it's looking good. the agency in charge of the
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olympics ministry of sport? brazil, sent out of the first official photos of the venues where the athletes will be competing. there's 32 venues in rio, plus soccer stadiums in five co-host cities t largest venue of the games the olympic stadiums, which holds over 70,000 spectators, before you go to rio, you have to go to san jose, the trials begin on friday. they have taken the ice out of the sap center and added the balanced beams, uneven bars and floor mats. big names will be in town. we have the story of a group of young gymnasts with golden olympic dreams of their own. >> reporter: for this ten-year-old, summer vacation is an opportunity to spend more time in the gym. >> my goal is to win the olympics. >> reporter: and her coaches say she is on track. today, she is working on a new trick. and on friday, she will be watching her idols, for new
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ideas. >> i want to try some stuff they did. >> reporter: she is already being called the best gymnast in the world, she has won the last four national championships. and expected to join gabby douglas in rio. >> they inspire me so much, because they look like me, and they are like the best gymnasts in my opinion. and they are just so awesome. >> reporter: her teammate nyla agrees. >> i want to do the same thing they did. >> i cannot think of better role models than gabby and simone and all of our girls in our sport. >> reporter: he was the first african-american to earn a spot on the gymnast team. >> i fell in love with it. >> reporter: a love that comes with hard work and determination and for the next four years, she can say, if gabby and simone can do it. >> i can do it too. >> she looks good, doesn't she? 30 days away from the start of
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the summer olympics and the opening ceremony and yes, in just a few weeks, i will be going to rio myself, where i will bring you live reports from the game every day. let's turn it over to the weather. jeff, friday, a big day, i will have to practice my dismount. >> i cannot wait to see that. for anyone heading in to the bay area, heading to san jose, you will see had that we have excellent weather for friday and saturday's forecast. good news there as we head through tomorrow morning we have thick fog continuing to return. even some low clouds here across the south bay. and 55. and not only the fog for the morning, about us areas of patchy drizzle for the peninsula, east bay and san francisco. bridge commuters want to watch out for that. you may need the windshield wipers for a bit on your commute. let's get you to our future cast, you can see again, the widespread nature of the cloud cover. there's areas of drizzle. you know, the highest risk here
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at the immediate coast line. again, we may see that moving back to contra costa, once we hit 11:00 in the morning. we will see it shining for the interior valleys and look how thick the fog holds on. tomorrow, a cool and below average day. now, it's not only the fog that is helping the temperatures to stay down, let's get a look at this unusual pattern t jet stream is taking a huge dip for july. well to the south. it's pushing the area of hot high pressure way out of the way. so, that is why temperatures have been below average. and here's the crazy thing. it will usher in a rare july cold front. it will bring showers and rain to the northern coast line, and up here for oregon, some spots may pick up a quarter to a half inch. certainly very, very whacky and wild for july. let's go and get you in the micro climate forecast for thursday. you can see it across the bay area. no chance for rainfall, mostly
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sunny skies in the forecast, san jose, cooler at 77, and for the peninsula, fogged in and chilly. 59. and san francisco, you know the drill, bringing the layers, fog stays put near the marina. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. fantastic weather again in napa, santa rosa and mill valley. looking good by the afternoon. we will stay with this nice weather all the way through saturday. that will put the south bay at the sap center where the gymnastics and the olympic trials are happening with 78 degrees and san francisco 64 and the north bay, 78, check it out, jess, we warm up by monday and it still looks comfortable. no 90s, no 100s. and i think a lot of people are happy with the a/c bills. >> up next, ordinary homes from the outside. and sophisticated grow houses on
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the inside. this operation, police uncovered after raiding seven homes in the south bay. thank you so much. happening now, protesters disrupt the senate, they tossed paper money and chanted the senate can be bought as lawmakers voted to move ahead, the vote will require labeling food products containing genetically modified products. a graduate was just crowned miss california, her name is -- she is 22-year-old jessa carmac, we are back in two.
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a pot growing operation spread across seven homes in san jose, officers seized over 1800 plants in a major sweep, they say the plants were grown in homes turned in to greenhouses, the couple under arrest, they say the pot plants have a estimated street value of $3 to five million. okay, a major safety recall to tell you about concerning the popular hoverboards. the public safety commission is recalling a half million to them due to a fire danger posed by the battery. they have been linked to over 100 fires and 7200 injuries treated in the emergency room. more than half of the recalled hoverboards comes from swagway. on the eve of the 71st u.s. women's open, they are talking olympics.
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we will have that story for you next.
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okay the best golfers in the world are near morgan hill this week for the u.s. women's open, it begins tomorrow, but the buzz tonight is about a tournament is that starts next month, some
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6,000 miles south. the summer games in rio of course. we have more. >> growing up, i could not say that i wanted to be an olympian, now that i can, it's a dream come true. to be there in rio would be quite the honor. >> winning the gold medal would be up there with winning a major championship to me. >> reporter: as of today they will represent team usa in rio, but a good showing in this player, could play her way on to the team. the top 15 in the world get in automatically. >> as far as this week, that is on line. but that's something that i cannot control. i can't control where i finish. i can control the process. and so, that's kind of my main goal this week. >> reporter: and if she does, he she can join the team. top on thompson's list, gymnast gabby douglas. >> i would like to meet her and talk to her. she seems cool. >> lewis a hoops fan. >> reporter: is meeting one of
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the guys on your list? >> durant would be cool, i got to be a but of a thunder fan, i'm disappointed that he left. but any of those guys. >> reporter: and for lewis, that's what it's all about. golf as a participant for the first time in 112 years. >> i think that's what the week is about. enjoying the experience. it would be great to come home with a gold medal. but it's more beabout the experience. >> up next, a big announcement that will have warrior fans buzzing tomorrow. the making.
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the disneyland resort diamond celebration. don't miss your chance to see it all dazzle. come celebrate new beginnings like hyperspace mountain... and premiering this summer, frozen, a musical spectacular... plus an all new soarin'.
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so come to the place where summer dazzles. okay, if you thought all the excitement at the oracle was done for for the season. no, no. wait until tomorrow, you are looking at a live picture. tomorrow, the golden state warriors will officially announce kevin durant as part of the team. after nine seasons with oklahoma city thunder, durant revealed on monday that he will leave okc and come to oakland. he will be introduced tomorrow by the warriors general manager, bob meyers and head coach, steve kerr. it's happening at 1:00 at oracle arena. he will be joining that stellar,
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stellar team. a lot going on tomorrow. tomorrow we have the warriors and on friday, we have the gymnastic trials. you have to pull it out, it will be good. >> we will pull through for you. tomorrow, starting gloomy, we have the clouds and areas of spotty drizzle and temperatures in the low 50s. it will clear out, we will have at least partly cloudy skies inland and 77 for the south bay, and tri-valley 28 if you are heading toward san francisco. the fog is moving in. in all all, everyone will be happy. >> happy is what we want. >> thanks for joining us, today at the bay starts at 4:30 in the morning, we will see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- zac efron, carmelo anthony,


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